Play your favourite game of quiz with a Snakes & Ladders twist. 100% Skill Based, No chance involved.

How to Play ?

About us

Saanp seedi is a skill based gaming app, presenting you a spin-off version of Saanp seedi with Quiz. You connect with an opponent, Answer 3 simple questions quickly. You can play the Saanp seedi game or even skip it. Win Real cash instantly withdrawable to your Account.

Roll Your Dice

When the players are ready, each one has to roll their dice one by one. Answer a simple question. The player who finishes the game quickly is qualified as the winner.

Gains and Losses

You have ladders and snakes on the board. While ladders will take you up, snakes will trap you and take you down.


Double Your Money!

Doubling your money by playing games is never this easy. Play the 1 Vs. 1 Battle on Saanp Seedi.

Minimum 10 investment

Play the Saanp Seedi battles with a minimum investment of Rs. 10 only.

Instant PayTM Withdrawals

Saanp Seedi offers easy withdrawals of winning money to your Paytm wallets securely.

What Our Users Are Saying

Dilli Babu

Fantabulous! It’s so fun playing Saanp Seedi. I will definitely recommend this app to everyone.

Sunny Tandekar

I love to play Snake and Ladder on the Saanp Seedhi app. It’s the best platform to play the game with 100% fun and earn cash prizes.

Sk Killerking

I have played Snake and Ladder on different sites and platforms. But I must say none of them can compete with Saanp Seedhi. A big thank you to the team for the wonderful experience.